Introduction to Box2d

Learn how to use Box2d for cocos2d and make your bodies come alive. Here is a sample project which you can download.


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8 Responses to Introduction to Box2d

  1. Kevin Liu says:

    Thank you Bob! Another amazing tutorial. :)

  2. Carl says:

    Videos are great, especially this one on Box 2D.
    I have a question – if you were going to simulate an overhead view of a flat surface with a sliding object on it (and possibly colliding into others), I would assume you could not use Box2d for this since the force of gravity and friction would be in the Z direction ?

  3. Oogee says:

    Excellent tutorial with clear explanation of box2d objects! Well done!

  4. Bruno says:

    Like it, do a tutorial on chipmunk :)

  5. michael says:

    What do you think of space manager for physics ?

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