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You are welcome to suggest a tutorial. In fact many of the tutorials on my blog, were suggested by others. Do it in the comment field below.

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  1. alfa says:


    I had seen your demo for coloring book
    I want to develop similar kind of this can you post a tutorial on same. So that every one can get benefit from that.
    Or you can help me by telling the logic for same.

  2. evanlws12 says:

    Hey Bob,
    Do you have any plans on making non cocos2d tutorials? With the addition of sprite kit, a lot of people are thinking of making the switch to just using spriteKit and the rest of Xcode’s built in frameworks. I would really like to see tutorials for this and they would help out a wider audience!

  3. nikhilgupta says:

    Hi Bob,
    It wud b gr8 if u can post a tutorial on migration of Cocos2d V1.x to V2.x
    Still not able to lock my device in Landscape Orientation while using V2.x

    Thanks in advance :)

  4. ajlondon says:

    How about textures….

    It is incredibly useful to be able to instantly switch an image via CCTexture2D

  5. Thunis says:

    Hi Bob,

    Wonderful tutorials, is it possible to make a tutorial that I can use to enter a users name in Cocos2D?

  6. John says:

    Hi Bob
    please make a tutorial how to play a video in cocos2d

  7. Harry says:

    I’d love to see someone do a series on Cocos3D .. Please

  8. Hamid says:

    Hi Bob

    Please presents tutorials in series with the features and powers of Box2d .

  9. Benjamin says:

    Hi Bob,

    maybe you can make some tutorials about artificial intelligence ?

    Kind Regards

  10. Pianisimo says:

    The last tutorial, core data 1 is very nice, the next one should be the exact same thing using iCloud.

  11. Shailesh Phalgune says:

    Hey Bob..!
    Thanks for such an awesome tutorials, They really help a lot.
    I also want to ask if, Can you make a tutorial on game like Tower Of Defense..?

    Thanks again

  12. Shailesh Phalgune says:

    Hi Bob. . !

    Can you please make a tutorial on how to add a sprite from any other class into our main layer on touch event, Along with its physic body. The layer’s are a part of same single scene.

  13. Burhan Ahmad says:

    an anyone help me about side scrolling.i want to make game just like free running game.please suggest me what i do???

  14. Natalie says:

    A tutorial on using the debugger would be wonderful!

  15. Greg Meach says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the excellent work. Now that CocosBuilder ( is open source, if you could create a tutorial for it that would be great!

    Thanks again

  16. Ronin says:

    Could you make a tutorial about CocosBuilder?

  17. Natalie says:

    Would love to learn how to display text blocks into cocos2d from XML. Specifically for story books but I know the gamers would probably find this useful for scene layout too :)

    • Bob says:

      Hi Natalie,

      Could you show me one example of such XML.


      • Natalie says:

        Hi Bob

        I have here a link to a xml parser which I think is what I need to display an XML with all of the text for the story unless you think there is a better and more efficient way! I had trouble using these trying to implement and looked at json and google GData, but im still such a nuuuuuuewbie that I managed to collect all sorts of errors and malfunctions and conflicts! and didn’t really know how to link and run the files spending most of the weekeend trying to get it to go.

        Probably my Xcode configurations were not correct for it to run… hmmmm well so many possibilities since there is such a lot to learn, and often i have to guess… I know ill try again later when curiosity out weights the need for sanity :OP

        But would love to be able to format the text boxes with kerning etc just to make the text look a little better (maybe using those nice custom CCLabelBMFonts that you showed us in an earlier tutorial) and later to me able to make it possible for the users to touch the words to hear the sound (not necessary at the moment as I think for now this will keep me happily busy :O)

        I think xml would be better too as although the same thing can be achieved with p.lists apparently xml is a little more versatile in setting id tags, style of text etc (so Ive read anyway!)

        for gamers I have heard that levels loaded and objects placed by using xml

        AN found this example, i hope its enough to give you an idea sorry that i cant be more specific as i havent done this myself but would be interested in learning this too!

        but here is a link to [cocos2d-iphone] Re: text files for level data?

        Actually heres what im making so far still so much to do and learn but I am very much enjoying the process and trying out the ideas i get from your tutorials :)

        You’ll be on the credit page for sure!!! Its great being able to combine my love of illustration, animation and now coding!

        anyway better run off!
        hope all is well there and bringing smiles!

        Kind Regards

  18. Jim Rota says:

    Hi Bob,
    How about a tutorial on implementing iAds with Cocos2d?

  19. Chris Patten says:

    Could you do a course that fully explains when you should create your own classes, when to sub-class, and benefits verses pitfalls of different approaches. Such as when making your own class for an actor. Should you create an actor class and sub-class it for each actor type or just make direct individual actor type classes. In addition, explain with examples why you’d want to base these classes off something like CCNode verses CCSprite.

  20. mike says:

    Please could you do a tutorial on game that requires swinging from one rope to another like Tarzan.

  21. Collin says:

    Hey Bob,

    Could you show how to implement the sneaky joystick with tile maps? This seems to be a missing tutorial on other websites.

  22. Logan Craft says:

    please create a tut on a crosshair shooting game

  23. Scott says:

    Honestly. Bob, your voice is like butter.

  24. Don says:

    Hi Bob, Thanks for your tutorials… Could you do a tutorial on how 2 Dwarfs communicate to each other or more dwarfs without the NSNotificationCenter stuff…. e.g. 1 Dwarf runs into another Dwarf and one says “excuses me sir”…

  25. praga says:

    Suppose ther is a sprite animation using batchnode, animation . i want to move this up and down . can u suggest me a way to do it ?

  26. trizero says:

    Hey Bob,

    great tutorials!
    could you make a tutorial about switch animations on one Sprite ?
    just like jump ,run , attack.

  27. Mayhem says:

    Hey Bob,

    could you make a tutorial about following the Sprite in a level? That means, if i move to the left/right the camera is centered at the sprite.

  28. Sahil says:

    plzz Post Tutorial For Tiled Map Editor Version 0.8.0….

  29. EtteBa says:

    Hi Bob can you make a tutorial on how to pause some layers within a scene on game start?

    • Bob says:

      Hi Ettebe,

      Could you explain little what you’re after.. I do not understand.. Could you describe a concrete example..

      • EtteBa says:

        All right Bob, here we go…supposing I have a scene called scene1 and in this scene I have contained in it three layers namely: an Action Layer, a hud layer and a transparent counter Layer. I want when I make a call through my singleton class or game manager for game to start by pressing play button on the main menu, the three layers in scene1 should come up and be visible on the screen but two of them(HUD and Action layers) should be paused with only the topmost layer in this case the transparent counter layer should be running or active with a tap screen to start label displayed. Thus when the player taps the screen to start and the counter layer should be removed and cleaned up while the paused layers(the HUD and Action layers) should resume once again.

        A very good example is the game Tiny wings which has a “tap for sunrise” screen displayed when you press play and on tapping the screen the screen becomes bright and the sprite awakes…something in that line.

        My main problem is how to pause some layers whilst some are still active within a scene on game start.

        I hope I was clear enough.


  30. Phillip Scaff says:

    Hi Bob,

    Could you please make a tutorial on a Vertical Scrolling airplane shooting game?

    Thank you!

  31. Jho says:

    Hi Bob as a student and newbie I appreciate your tutorial and it helps a lot on my school project. I ask can you please make a tutorial on how to make a simple scoring in a game? Thank you

  32. Indy says:

    Hi Bob,

    How about a tutorial on using RenderTextures…including pixel perfect collision detection, and optimising by sing small render textures?

  33. Kamrul says:

    Please can you do a tutorial using the model view controller design pattern? I have read and tried to follow a few examples done by others using Cocos2d mainly on forums. These however miss off parts and also do not include a Cocos2d sample project for download as in some of your tutorials. As a result I seem to lose the plot.

    Many thanks for your good work with your other tutorials which I found very useful.

  34. Maarten Winkels says:

    Hello Bob,

    I’am a huge fan of your tutorials, i’ve learend the basics of cocos2d from your tutorials
    My suggestion for a tutorial is to make a bouncing object for your sneakyness joystick, with your sneakyness you can move an “actor” that bounces a ball for instance?\

    Is this possible? Would be great.
    PS: sorry for my bad english i’am from the netherlands

    GR Maarten Winkels

  35. Anthony says:

    Bob could you make a tutorial on scrollable menus like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope?

  36. Hi Bob, thanks for all the great tutorails

    I was wondering how to have music play on the splash screen when the app is first loading, if its possible. Also maybe have it animated as well, i have tried figuring it out myself but i am stuck at a dead end, any advice would bbe great thanks

  37. Natalie says:

    Hello Bob,

    Im hoping i can ask for a tutorial on using plist for multiple animations which a re loaded into a mutable array to the character

    or anything to do with learning/understanding the syntax especially nested code – or really anything that you might think would be of benefit to a newbie like me, its all very new but very interesting!, thank-you for making such good tutorials! – not only did I understand them but was able to adapt and use the information i had learned in a different way – so I felt really happy as I could now understand the proces of setting up animation with background images – so am now running of to your touch tutorials to see if i can make my sprite animate on touch!

    anyway hope all is well
    Kind regards

  38. emir says:

    Hey Bob, It would be great if you could make a tutorial about protocols!

    Great work on the latest tutorials, and I’m waiting for more box2d too!

    good luck..

  39. Hey Bob!

    Great tuts, I learned a lot. A quick suggestion for a tutorial…how about helicopter controls. A side view 2d game where a helicopter will be able to move left or right with a tilt as well as being able to get altitude with a press of a button. Similar controls to the Crazy Copter game Thank you!

  40. Kathy says:

    Hi Bob,

    How about showing how two characters in a game interact with each other?


  41. Peter says:

    Thanks for the helpful tutorials. Great work!

    I’d love to see a series of tutorials on using Cocos2d and Box2d together. Thanks.

  42. Daniel says:

    Hey Bob,
    Just wanted to say thanks your tutorials are really helpful and easy to follow, I was wondering if you can add more to the sneakyJoystick tutorial to include the sneakyButton I saw you added a short video showing it but I was wondering if you could do one to explain it. Thanks again Bob.


  43. mazza says:

    Hello Bob,

    Any chance of a tutorial on memory management? Or space manager physics ?

    Keep up the good work.

  44. Chris says:

    I like the content of your tutotials. They give a good idea on how to build up a game.\

    How about tutorials on Cocos2d using the OOP approach.

    For instance:

    1. how to subclass common things like CCSprite etc. So that code is more cleaner and efficient. Lot of people just typing and copying and pasting straight away.

    If you’re going to create an army of programmers who might be new. Why not guide them with the most efficient way.

    One more suggestion. Along with the video, can you write down some text also in form of a blog post.

    I am a quick reader but watching video is quite time consuming fro me

  45. mik says:

    Great work, best tutes online by far.

    Would love to know how to create a sling shot like angry birds or a touch visual like in fruit ninja.

  46. Blox says:

    Hi Bob

    Love your Vid Tutorials!! Would it be possible for you to discuss CCSheduler. For instance how to use them with objects that have their own functionality, which need to run their own schedule.

  47. LynneJ says:

    Hi Bob, Totally agree with all the positive comments – excellent videos!

    How about how to use a textfield – getting the user’s input for name/ID?

  48. Emir says:

    Hey Bob,

    It would be great if you could show us how to save data in other plist files then UserDefault. So we can create a different plist for every player or something like that. Kind of like an advanced version of your plist tutorial..

  49. AB says:

    Could you please do a tutorial on how to do interaction between sprites. For example two character sprites having a conversation.

  50. Anderson Oliveira says:

    Your tutorials are awesome
    Thanks for doing them

    I’d like to suggest one. :)

    How about integration between cocos2D and Game Center?

    Thanks and keep with the good work.

  51. Can you write a tutorial on how to setup svn server on mac

  52. Jeff Owen says:

    Nice work with the tutorials! Well explained at a good level pace. you’re a natural!

    Collisions would be a good one. For example.. Two Ball sprites, that have been created via the component approach. So if two or more Balls(objects) are on the screen moving on their own (using their own logic), that can detect if they have collided with any other object event of the same type/class.

    Thanks in advance

  53. Encho says:

    An air hockey game tutorial would be a great starting point for a physics game tutorial..

  54. Can you write a tutorial on pinch/pan of a node/layer.

  55. phantomsri says:

    Hi Bob.

    I would appreciate you can help with a tutorial that “Ralphus Royds” requested on NSMutableArrays. Im a little confused on the concept.


  56. phantomsri says:

    Hi Bob,

    thanks for your effort to teach all the new comers on Cocos2d.
    Your examples are very easy to understand. I was looking for a tutorial on how to save data. Your NSUserDefault tutorial helped me a lot.

    Thanks again

  57. Joey says:

    Hi Bob,

    A tutorial about a world map layout.

    A level map with levels connected to eachother. A sprite of the player visible on the world map if you select the next level the sprite will move allong the path to the selected level.

    Also wanted to ask a question on an approach of doing following :

    For instance if you have an island (island is not made flat but looks like it’s 3d) and the island is divided into pieces i.e an forest a beach a cave etc..

    Each piece is an world that you can select. Now my question is since it’s an island and how would you go around the island and see the worlds you won’t see if you looked from the front. So you can rototate the island by swiping and see the other worlds the island has to offer. What kind of approach is this? CCBezier and CCEaseActions?

    Thanks alot!!

  58. emir says:

    Hi Bob,

    Your tutorials are amazing! thanks for all the work you’ve put in these for us in need of them. I suggest you could make a tutorial about creating games with multiple views. For minimap type of stuff of even split-screen multiplayer!

  59. Rikvee says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful tutorials!

    I would love to see a solution to synchronizing sound and animation. Like how to lip sync animation to a sound file. Perhaps a cue point system using a list of frames or time codes to call the phonetic image.


    • Bob says:

      Hi Rick,

      I’m not sure that cocos2d is best for making lip sync animation. Personally I would use “VTC Anime 6″ (or some similar tool) for that task, then export in a format that I could handle within cocos2d. I have not personal experience though, so I’m not sure, but if any readers have experience, please let us know. Kind Regards Bob

  60. Ralphus Royds says:

    Hi bob, great tutorials and an interesting biography too (yes I read it all). Would you consider a tutorial on NSMutableArrays and how to add and remove data based on string or integer, arrays have always confused me and you have nice approach to explaining the concepts behind such processes. Many thanks.

  61. Alex says:

    Hi Bob, here some tutorials suggestion that would be useful:

    - parallax background for platform games;
    - use of sqlite for trivia games;
    - advanced use of touch (multitouch) and accelerometer;
    - chipmunk or box2d basic tutorials.

    Thank you and sorry for my english, I’m Italian.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Alex. Your English is good. I am planning to make a simple tutorial on physics. Right now I am dividing my time between making tutorials and making games. so it will take a while. Thank you for the sugestions. Kind Regards Bob

  62. Joey says:

    Local multiplayer game on the iPad with 2 or 4 players controlled by a joystick or touch.

  63. Rohan says:

    Hello Bob
    Can you please also make a tutorial on platforms.Example-:a player is jumping on different platforms like doodle jump!?


  64. Rohan says:

    Hello Bob
    Can you please make a tutorial on joy stick.Example-:a player moves to which ever direction we point our joystick to.


  65. Hi Bob,

    Very nice tutorials – clear explanations. Great .

    Does Cocos2D support social network integration – Facebook ? In your opinion what is the best way to post scores to facebook after completing a game.

    Abhilash Vijayakumar

    • Bob says:

      Hi Abhilash,

      I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer to that question. Yet :). If any of the readers of this blog, know the answer, please give us a hint.

      Kind Regards

  66. Joey says:

    Thanks for the Hud tutorial Bob.

    I got another one what might be cool to do is to make an tutorial about advanced loading screen’s. Instead of just showing a simple bar that fills up is it possible to make something like this that functions as a loading screen : watch at 1:03.


  67. Hi Bob,
    Thank so much for your work on the tutorials in Cocos2D!
    It really is helping me. I was wandering if you had time to make tutorials on
    making Tiled Maps?

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